Monday, 25 June 2012

The wrong side of the weekend

I've had one of those weekends that seems to have zipped by where it seems like I've been really busy without really achieving all that much.


I was quite proud of myself on Saturday for planning my time around the need to go to my nearest University library to abuse my SCONUL card privileges, and use my Groupon cinema voucher to go see Prometheus.

I love my local Uni library. It's also the University I did my first degree at, so I know it well. My current Uni is nearly three hours away and has a shite library collection anyway, spread completely indiscriminately across two equally unsuitable sites, so I usually prefer to stay at home. One of the perks of being a PhD student is that your topic is usually quite out of the way and, therefore, out of the way of the undergraduate hordes. I love visiting in a Saturday because the parking is free and I am usually the only loser there. Even better, almost all the books I need are stored at the arse end of the library in the second floor of the basement. It's dark and deserted and full of lovely 1960s embossed hardbacks with titles like 'Public Finance in Theory and Practice'. The only downside of being a SCONUL user is that I can only have six books out at a time, rather than the twelve I used to be able to take out as an undergraduate.

Then we climbed back in the car and attempted to drive to the cinema. I say 'attempted' because for the second time in two weeks I got completely lost in the University suburbs and ended up driving round in a big circle and getting increasingly hysterical about the poor signage and unorthodox roundabouts. I know the area well so I have no excuse really but I have sadly inherited my mother's nervous disposition when it comes to road navigation - virtually nothing makes me panic more than being stuck in a one way system where I can see the place I need to be and yet am barelling along at 30mph in the opposite direction.

Anyway, eventually we made it to see Prometheus, only three weeks after the rest of the world. My friends had fed back with disappointment so I wasn't expecting much, but I actually enjoyed it. I didn't much like Shaw's character, though. I'm a little frustrated that she seems to be the only character who will be followed through into sequels. I whiled away the rest of the evening pottering about and watching the football.


We had a visitor in the form of my boyfriend's granddad. I slept really badly thanks to the cats turning into furry octopi in the night and I spent most of it being assailed by hundreds of pointy little elbows. Still, I managed to haul myself out of bed in time to hoover and tidy ahead of the visit. Then, because I was feeling super domestic, I baked some banana bread. The recipe is from my friend Jen (I don't think she blogs any more, but it's a really good recipe).

Then, we ordered Chinese as a treat and watched the football. I had spent all day counting down the hours until an auction ended (a wardrobe that had ballooned into a desperate want) which I finally won with a last second bid as extra time wrapped up. I couldn't really cope with all the excitement coming from all sides and was aware that my heart was going ten to the dozen! I paid about £30 more than I would ideally have liked to, but it was still less than buying a new equivalent, and in a model that I don't think IKEA make any more. It's huge and shiny and I hope will hang some of my beautiful vintage pieces with slightly more space!

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