Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fixing my cardy

I've had this cardigan for years. In fact, by this point, it's probably less cardy, more bodily comfort blanket. I wore it a lot when I was an undergraduate, when I was perpetually skint and had very few clothes. In fact, shockingly few now I look back on it and compare it with my now quite full wardrobe, but that's another story.

Anyway, I wore this so much that I put both elbows through sometime during my final year. My mum tried to sew them up, but the holes were so huge that they really needed patching, so I decided to pop some leather elbow patches over the tear.

Sewing them was a complete arse because the stitches are teeny tiny but I like the result, and I hope it will prolong the life a few years longer. The patches were only £2.50 off ebay (from this seller who was excellent) and they come in a range of colours so I am almost certainly going to repeat this trick with some of my other shabby jumpers.

Even Dinah loves it. Not that this is a good thing, since it's shedding season.

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