Thursday, 21 June 2012

Emergency shop my closet

So I've been a bit down in the dumps for the last few weeks after having an op. It was the first time I'd had a general anaesthetic and I didn't really know what to expect (beyond horror stories that people hide behind grim smiles - I suspect much the same is true of childbirth, that people don't tell you just how bad it is until you've done it, because they don't want to scare you). In actual fact it was totally fine. It felt a bit like being knocked out falling off a horse, which God knows I have done enough times. I woke up and felt really rather excellent, relieved and happy that I wasn't nauseous, or dead. The local also took a couple of days to wear off so I was quite literally feeling no pain. It wasn't until the next day that the fun started. Apparently, my reaction to anaesthesia is prolonged helpless weeping accompanying a crushing sense of depression. I was completely hysterical for about four days. I think the next time I do that I'll be checking myself into a hotel with a Father Ted DVD boxset.

Anyway, I'm fine now, but still having to accommodate a scar which is slightly limiting what I can wear. Jeans, my closest wardrobe ally, are out. The most comfortable item of clothing, I have discovered, is a jersey maxi skirt, but since I am not ordinarily much of a skirt wearer I have been resisting the temptation to shop. (OK...I bought one. But only one. It was on sale. Rather gallingly it is now on sale for even less than when I bought it - grr!).

Other than that, I have been in full on shop my closet mode. I have so far found:

1. Two A-line skirts I haven't worn since last summer.
2. A pair of ASOS jeggings I haven't worn since the summer before.
3. A pair of black trousers which I have worn for work but which are too big.
4. Another pair of work trousers (I don't wear work trousers very often - perk of being a PhD student) which are very definitely too big, even for my current loose-fit loving self.
5. Some mango legging jodhpur things, which are in an odd shade of tan/mustard and which are incompatible with all but one pair of pants without producing the worst VPL in the world.

I'm quite glad to have been able to dig all these things out and to push my boundaries in finding ways to wear them. It turns out that I can see the appeal of skirts. I still tend to default to trousers because I find them easier to throw on, but on a sunny day (not that we've had many) skirts are, indeed, pleasant. Still, I will be very glad when I can wear my jeans again, and it does make me think that I need to have a wardrobe cull to store away or sell the things that don't fit.

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