Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cats in bags

There is a big problem in my house with making use of the floordrobe. Whilst this is never a good thing, it is an especially bad thing when you have cats depositing hair over anything that gets left on a horizontal surface. So I caved and got these laundry bags from Wilkinson's for a fiver each. They are absolutely brilliant - I can sort my washing into whites, colours and darks as I put it away rather than having to ferret through baskets of mucky clothes every time I put a wash on. It also lets you see really easily what washing is in greatest need of being done. From an aesthetic perspective I also like the fact that they match the colours in my bedroom. Simple things.

Even Tybbs likes climbing in them. Slightly less after he got his head stuck through the handle and tried to run around the house with a laundry bag attached. It's fair to say that we found it considerably funnier than he did.

While we're on the subject, here's a bonus cat in bag. You're welcome.

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