Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bags. Bags bags bags.

Whilst I do like clothes (cue snorts of derision from my nearest and dearest) I have to confess that bags and shoes really hold my heart. They have a veneer of functionality. They allow me to indulge my tactile obsession with leather. They never make me feel fat. And in the case of bags, they hold all the reams of other things I manage to accumulate.

I don't tend to buy bags very often because a) I have enough already and limited space and b) I am enormously fussy. Indeed, I have a few of the 'I like it, but...' variety that I have mentally earmarked for the charity shop in future years, once I have found the perfect replacements.

I always drool a little at the workmanship on French English confectioners bags. I dearly wish I'd bought one of these amazing backpacks when I started my PhD, since I think it might have spared me quite a few back injuries on the long commute it takes me to get into my department. Now that I'm beginning to look forward to new jobs and opportunities the moment may have been lost (if all goes to plan, I am dearly hoping for a much shorter commute), not to mention that I can't afford one. But I would love to add one of these beauties to my collection in future. (Here it is on a person, if you need any more convincing).

This, by Garvan de Bruir, is beautiful. I love the unusual styling, the sturdy leather, and the unconventional practicality of it. Not to mention that even the smaller sizes would allow me to accommodate my beloved beast of a 17" laptop. It is also somewhat hilariously out of my price range but I can dream!

For now, I have ordered one of these:
With a handle and engraving. I've been coveting the 13" for ages for my holiday in July since holidays appear to be the only time that I can pare down my everyday crap, and this size fits an iPad perfectly and will dissuade me from also carting around 15 different lipsticks and the kitchen sink.  The customer service has been superb thus far. I hope the bag is as good!

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