Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Acne Shank boots

Something I really enjoy doing is stroking documenting some of my more interesting wardrobe finds. I have absorbed an awful lot of my mother's shopping and collecting habits when it comes to clothes, and one of her 'rules' is to either buy cheap basics (such as my beloved £7.99 H&M cotton long sleeves) or save up for something perfect. Never go for something in between - expensive enough to require consideration, but not special enough to be timeless*. Whilst most of my recent purchases have fallen into the cheap category due to being pretty short on disposable income of late, I have saved up for the odd splurge.

These are my new babies: Acne 'Shank' boots from the AW 09/10 collection. I loved these for ages after trying to find the heeled equivalent of my beloved and knackered Doc Martens to wear under jeans in winter. But, whilst I had a google image, I couldn't find out what the name was to hunt down a pair.

So one afternoon I decided to google in earnest. After a bit of investigation, I was able to find the model name (the original Shank) and discover that there was an updated version in current production (the Shank Lea). Which, as it transpired, I didn't like, and couldn't afford anyway. So I inputted it as a saved ebay search (I already had various vague 'Acne boots') searches, but they mostly pulled up spot treatments) and vowed that if a pair ever came up in a 39, I would pounce, even if I had to sell a kidney.

At about 11.30 that night, as I was going to bed, I did a last internet check before switching my iphone off. And what should come up on my saved searches, in my size and for about a third of the retail price? I barely read the description before hitting 'Buy it Now'. Fortunately I had some spending money saved up so I could afford them without doing anything rash, and when they arrived they were in astonishingly perfect condition (I doubt they've been worn more than twice) and are a great fit. So hurray.

*As someone who has been called an economist (although it's not a label I use), I absolutely hate the casual throwing around of 'investment' purchases in fashion. 'Timeless' is probably the closest synonym I could come up with.

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