Saturday, 10 December 2011

Lit Cosmetics review and swatches, part the first.

Dare I say it, I've been stuck in an eye makeup rut. I fell out of love with MAC pigments a long time ago when they shafted their customers changed the jars (although my train case full of them perhaps belies that statement), and in any case, all the colours I really loved weren't eye safe, which frankly sucked. On a day-to-day basis my work makeup is pretty dull. I usually rely on lipstick to jazz things up. But there has been a bit of a creativity void where beautiful, colourful eyeshadow once was, and I miss it.

So I was very excited to discover a company called Lit Cometics. They make eye-safe glitters in a huge number of shades, four different sizes, and when coupled with their liquid glitter base your glitter will stay put all night. Needless to say I was sold. I hung about, wanting to order but trying to justify it, and then heard (via their facebook page) that they were making some very generous Black Friday offers (which also happens to fall right before my birthday, meaning unusually I had spare reddies). So I jumped right in!

The ordering process

I found the website a little confusing at first, but this is mostly just because it's a bit different from the standard cartel cut and paste shop website. It's actually really intuitive: you flick through their catalogue, select things that look interesting, and click to add to the cart (which is displayed at all times under the catalogue). Something I really like is that products stay in your cart via cookies for the next time you visit; this means I can compile a wishlist, leave it, and know it will still be there when I come back.

Once I decided what I wanted, I managed to check out with no issues, and left Jodie Perks, the owner, a little note thanking her for the sale and for supplying me with a birthday gift-to-self. In the end I decided to just order glitter, rather than a bottle of the liquid base, because I was trying to be frugal and I wasn't sure if I'd really need a whole bottle of it when it would probably work OK with pixie epoxy or similar. I got an email a couple of hours later letting me know when the parcel would be shipped (30th November).

On December 6th - my birthday! - the parcel arrived. A week from Canada is good going! The first thing I noticed is that she had undercharged me for shipping, which was really sweet, although I did wonder how glitter managed to weigh so much. I soon found out: she'd put in a mini sample kit of the liquid base, a glitter puff, and some brushes - and the liquid base comes in (heavy!) glass jars. I was so touched. Also included was a long handwritten happy birthday note with some great tips for using the glitter, and a pink glitter I hadn't ordered. How's that for amazing customer service? I honestly can't think of another company I've used that have impressed me so much - Illamasqua come seriously close, but this was above and beyond. 10/10. Awesome.

The product

If you order them separately, the glitter comes in little screw top jars encased in clear plastic boxes. You can if you wish remove the lids and screw them together, since the base of each jar acts as a 'lid' (I believe the stack kits come - well, pre-stacked). I can tell you they're well packaged, because I broke a nail trying to open it! The packaging is really appropriate for the brand - it's fun, but expensive and classic. They feel really nice to hold and certainly push my aesthetic buttons.

You get a decent amount in a jar and don't have to use very much each time. The application method is to dip the brush in the base, smush any excess off against the side of the jar, then stick one side of it in the glitter. Being an idiot and a klutz I was worried I would make a mess of the application, but it was dead easy to do. The liquid doesn't come off IN the glitter, which is something I had worried about, and it's not difficult to get an even application. It dries down to an even finish and lasts. Hurray!

The colours

I ordered Beach Baby, Soul Sister, Hulk, Rich and Famous, Seeing Stars, and Siberian. Jodie kindly included Pretty in Pink as a bonus. I strongly recommend clicking to embiggen; glitter looks amazing in close up and one of my smarter moves was blowing quite a lot of money on a macro lens, which now has a happy and fulfilled life taking pictures of makeup and nails. Arm swatches are below, with the colours listed L-R.