Monday, 14 November 2011

My Latest Project

Yeah, so sorry for being such a lazy blogger. I prefer to think of it as 'active real-life participant'. In the last couple of weeks I've made a trip to Europe for a conference, stayed over in another city for work a couple of times, taken on extra hours, done marking, gone to parties, AND (this is probably the kicker) got through three seasons of the X Files, one of The Big Bang Theory, and purchased Skyrim. For the last couple of weeks my laptop has sat in my office, unused and unloved, gathering dust. But it's good to step away every now and again. For the soul, if not the PhD.

Anyway, I have recently developed a project. I know I'm several years late to this (although Jenine of The Coveted posted on the topic recently, so that's all right then), but I have recently started coveting a pair of red jeans. I can just seem them working perfectly rolled up in my summer wardrobe, or with blazer and heels for winter. Sadly I probably won't look like this, but I can try:

DaniDaniRamirez on Chictopia

BUT. I hate buying jeans. Hate it with every fibre of my being. As my mother says, 'I know teenagers are a bit histrionic, but I remember taking you jeans shopping when you were younger and being shocked by of your reaction. I'm not sure it's normal to express suicidal urges because jeans don't fit you.' To date, in my early to mid twenties, I have found only two pairs of jeans that fit my childbearing hips (and don't cost £200), one of which is Topshop's Kristen high waist. (Well, they're not perfect - the 26 is too tight and the 28 too loose, but I can't have it all, and at least they don't fall down). The current season don't come in red, but they do come in Cerise:

Topshop Kristen Jeans

Having seen them in the flesh, they're much more pink than red, but being 98% cotton they should take a dye. To be sure, I managed to hunt down a pair of the 28/32 (to be precise, my mum hunted down a pair - I can always count on the backwaters of South West London to have stock of things that are sold out anywhere else), on the assumption that they'll probably shrink during the hot wash necessary for the dye to take, and therefore fit me perfectly. Hopefully.

Now all I have to do is choose from the confusing range of red idye colours and not feck up the dyeing process. Wish me luck!

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