Saturday, 1 October 2011

Want more. Need Less.

...A blog about style, and capitalism. Those two natural bedfellows.

Why? Well, predominantly it's an act of selfishness. In my day job I work in a University, writing up (honestly, supervisor) a PhD thesis on economic governance. Money, and the politics of money, is my thing. In my first year of University, when the others on my course were discussing the Labour party, Plato, and the Middle East Peace crisis; I was getting stuck into Marx's Paris Manuscripts and ranting about the fiscal rules of the Eurozone. Needless to say this made me very popular.

When not ranting about the Eurozone, I am usually to be found immersed in the world of couture. Slavishly devouring the new Dior collection. Dribbling over editorials in Vogue. Wondering whether I can possibly find an occasion to justify commissioning a new corset. (The answer is usually 'no', by the way). And it struck me, when reading the style blogs I most enjoy, that in fact these two things are far more connected than most people are willing to admit. Fashion costs.

So, this is an opportunity for me to talk about the two things I like most in the world: shoes, and economics*. I am currently in a process of wardrobe, house, and life upheaval, and have been trying to reorganize my mountains of stuff into slightly smaller, co-ordinated mountains. I find living in a state of disorganisation quite mentally taxing, so this is mostly an effort to tidy my mind. But I hope that it will result in me having a better wardrobe, into the bargain.

Nonetheless, trying to streamline my wardrobe does go against all my natural instincts to go into H&M and hammer my credit card until it squeaks. And whilst I remind myself that a) I have limited space, b) I do not go to any balls and c) I am not a museum curator, it can be hard to resist the crazier purchases. Being a bit skint helps.

Hence: I want more, and need less.

*Also cats, photography, and biscuits, but I will try and keep myself loosely on topic.

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