Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Things I like more than clothes #1: RPGs

A saying I really like is, 'something is worth what you are willing to give up to obtain it'. I try to keep this in mind when deliberating over things to add to the wardrobe - is it really worth giving up on the possibility that I might find something similar, and better, in the future? Is it worth more to me than the other purchases I might make with the money? But, of course, this notion of trading off more for less valuable, present for future joy, applies to many more interesting and important things in life than simply 'do I buy these jeans?'. I am hoping to make some kind of series about these choices and the other aspects of my life that come into the mix (life beyond the wardrobe?), but frankly, there aren't that many things I like more than clothes, so it might be quite a limited series.

I was inspired to write this particular post by two things.The first is that, despite wailing the other day that I have NO MONEY and therefore can't get any of the things I want (mostly sweaters. I am cold.) I still managed to mysteriously find some reddies down the back of the sofa to put a deposit down on Skyrim, which comes out next month. (Also sushi, but I like to think that food doesn't count, even if it's Wagamamas food).

The second is that after installing IOS5 on my iphone, the first thing I did is change my text tone to the 'level up!' noise from Final Fantasy XII. (My ringtone is now the Chocobo riding sound. Yes, I am that big a gimp).

I would totally dress like this all the time if I could

My favourites aside from FFXII are Dragon Age (although I didn't much like the second one) and the aforementioned Elder Scrolls franchises. I am a bit of a nerd about RPG universes. I've probably racked up...er...about 1,000 hours on Oblivion and 400 or so on FFXII. Dragon Age is probably about 4-500 across all the playthroughs, especially if you count the second one, although I've also read the books and comics. I am quite selective about my RPG devotion though (needfully, given that I need to find time to write a PhD and sleep occasionally) and probably only pick up one or two a year. I don't tend to play that many other games aside from RPGs, either. (Although I love the Project Zero/Fatal Frame series).

I do wonder though if the stylistic aspect comes into my love for them, though.  I tend to get really caught up in the costuming and architecture of RPG universes and to that end tend to prefer fantasy over sci fi universes (I've never quite got into Mass Effect). Fran from FFXII and Morrigan from DA are probably my favourite characters, and I suspect that probably has something to do with their overall sass and preference for ridiculous gravity defying clothing. If I could find time in my daily life to go out in very few clothes and kick the asses of some mythical beasts, I obviously would.

Alas, life is not like that. Fortunately Skyrim comes out in reading week, so I fully intend to put the auto office on for les √©tudiants, turn my phone off, and ignore everyone for a week or so. The last time an RPG took over my life, when Dragon Age came out, I made the mistake of letting slip to a student how nerdy I was about it. The following week I got really ill (word to the wise: PAY ATTENTION to the date code on pat√©!) and had to postpone a seminar. When I got back, one of the kids asked me if I had actually been sick, or was just playing Dragon Age. According to my Skyrim out of office, therefore, I am going somewhere exotic, with no internet.

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