Saturday, 8 October 2011

The List: Winter 2011 edition

I try to keep some kind of up-to-date list of the sorts of things I want to avoid overbuying and being tempted, magpie-like, by things that are entirely inappropriate. (Usually featuring lace, mesh, and 6 inch heels). Equally, I am trying to spread my purchases into the future, so rather than buying everything I need for winter *this* winter, it's helpful to remind myself that there will be winters in the future where I will also probably want warm boots. Ahem.

With that in mind, here is the sketchy list:

1. Wool skirt

I have a real mish-mash of skirts. There's quite a lot of cheapies from Topshop that seemed like a good idea at the time, but upon getting them home I discovered that the worsted wool/poly fabrics attract cat hair like nobody's business. So I'd quite like a wool skirt, in a neutral colour, that doesn't make me look like a low-budget Yeti.

Aside from the fact that the fabric has to be nice, I'm surprisingly unfussed about other features. I like skirts of all lengths. I probably wear minis more than anything else, but pencil skirts flatter my shape best. I've been coveting a Burberry kilt for ages, but because I am deeply fussy about colour and details it will probably be another age before I actually get one. (Read: hunt one acceptable to me down on eBay at a bargain price).

My favourite is this one from the amazing Sophistikitten, but she's not taking orders at the moment. Repeat after me: You do not need everything right now. You do not need everything right now. I'm pretty sure this skirt would be worth the wait.

2. Wool shorts

I fell into shorts in a big way last winter. I wasn't sure I'd like them, but tried on a pair in Zara and was hooked. I wore those shorts to death, with everything. And as a result the fabric is wearing out a little and starting to look less lovely. My current ticklist involves: wool, high waisted (ish, or at least belted), not too Regency fop.

3. A Cashmere Tank

I have bought a grey one. I am holding out for one of crumpet's black cashmere tanks for a future purchase. As L'Oreal assures me, I'm worth it.

4. Stripy Sweater

I have purchased a navy and beige cashmere sweater (eBay, £15) and would quite like a grey and white cotton mix job. I bought a very similar sweater for my Significant Other in the sales last January, and it only occurred after I'd brought it home that I'd probably bought it because I liked it, rather than because I thought he would. Oops. (He does like it, though, and I like him in it, so everyone's a winner).

To be honest, sweaters in general are very much on The List. I live in them in winter. I've also been coveting creamy waffle weave cotton sweaters recently. I saw a fantastic one on a girl recently and was itching to ask where she got it from, but, alas alack, I was supposed to be observing her A-level history teacher and I hear it's somewhat inappropriate to interrupt a lesson to ask the providence of a sweater.

5. Black sweater dress

Preferably cotton cashmere. Preferably crew neck. Preferably just below knee and so tight I can't move in it.

6. Ugg-a-like boots

I have two pairs of Celt boots and have managed to ruin them at the rate of one per winter. I'm therefore not sure which purveyor of identical looking sheepskin boots to go with. I'd quite like a grey pair, but we'll see. I suspect I might be able to ask for some Uggs as a joint Christmas present from my parents, grandparents, aunts etc, since they're all convinced it's freezing north of London and that I need such gear to survive.

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